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Two Down, Eight to Go!














April is here already! Have you reached any of your New Year’s Resolutions yet? I know its only four months into the year but its time to do a quick analysis on what is left to do.

By the end of  April, I’m planning to cross two of my eight goals off my list I designed in January. At this rate, I’m hopeful I’ll reach most of them by the end of the year. But I must stay focused, determined and follow my blueprint to success.

The key to your goals is believing they can be achieved. Back in January I shared a formula to assist you with reaching your goals. I don’t know if it helps you but I certainly live by it.

Keep your eyes on the prize and just keep going! You can do it.

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Whats next?

The mind is a terrible thing to waste!

This week I will be finishing the very last course in my program through McMaster University. I’m already researching the next educational adventure.Finishing line

Many of my friends have not returned to the books since we left college, some even since we left high school. My friends and family refer to me as “the professional student.” Perhaps, it’s because I’m always in school trying to enhance my skills or learn something new.

I know it may sound crazy but I feel lost when I’m not learning something different. My mind has to stay challenged at all times. I think that’s why I decided to make a career change into Public Relations. PR forces you to stay current, creative and innovative. I enjoy reaping the rewards of accomplishing my educational goals, it encourages me to keep learning.

I appreciate the ability to connect with individuals that have a similar desire of information. My family can’t relate to strategic plans neither can my friends discuss the measurement and evaluation of an event we attended. Therefore, I must find creatures similar to myself and where else to find them but in the classroom?



Spring Makeover


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If you live in North America you may agree with me that we had one of the worst winters on record. It is now the first week of April and I am celebrating the showers that are falling against my window. Anything other than fierce winds and heavy snow falls I’m gamed for.

Now that the weather is changing it is time to do some spring cleaning. A new season brings new changes. Therefore; its time to get rid of last season’s baggage. I’m referring to winter clothes, winter blues,  winter friends, overall the winter attitude. Its time to transition into a new groove. This year, spring is going to bring more than just warmer temperatures. I’m focused on adopting a new attitude. I’m giving myself a spring makeover physically, spiritually and most importantly, emotionally. I’m going to become more positive and change my mindset to what is possible in my life for 2014.

I recently discovered that choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how far you go in life. So I made a conscious decision to leave the negativity behind and make positivity the focal point of my life. I believe that I will reach more of my goals faster if I maintain this kind of attitude. I plan to start each day by giving thanks for what I have. I believe this direction will open many new doors for me.

What are you planning to makeover this spring?


Tribute to Grandpa



Since my grandfather passed away December 24, 20012, I’ve been afraid to return to Barbados, which is where he lived. I used to travel to the island at least twice a year to visit him. But after his death I haven’t found the courage to visit him neither the rest of my relatives there.

His passing was very difficult for me because he was one of my best friends. We spoke everyday on the phone. Sometimes for five minutes or sometimes for hours. It was nice to always have someone waiting to talk to me and ask me how my day went and how things were progressing. He told me about his check ups, what was going on in the news and would always share a war story with me to relate to what I may have been going through that day.

Words can’t explain how much I miss him. He taught me so much about myself and about life. It’s safe to say he’s a credible source, he lived until 92. I miss our talks and the way he used to comfort me when I was down, he always used laughter. He always looked forward to my visits and would go out and purchase all of my favorite local foods to make me happy. We would sit in the veranda eat and talk for hours about nothing.

This year I’ve finally worked up the courage and decided to return back to Barbados to visit his grave and the rest of my family. I realized that he wouldn’t have wanted me to stop visiting because he know how much I always enjoyed my vacations on the island.

Another goal reached on my journey.